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Hand Dying

Do you have a T-shirt or piece of cloth that you love, but is missing it’s je ne sais quoi? Let me help you see it in a new light. 

We can also start fresh! Contact me for more details. 

Natural or synthetic dyeing can give a garment a new lease on life. 


Let my knowledge of colour theory and material type guide you to reinventing your wardrobe. 

Natural dyes give a muted gentle quality of colour, while synthetic  dyes give depth of shade and vibrancy. 


Custom dyeing is an affordable method of extending the life cycle of your clothes. If you’re tired of fast fashion, this is just the ticket to get more time and wear out of your clothes. 

Investment: Starting at just $25  

Average timeframe: 2 weeks. 


You receive a reinvented or totally personal item in the end. Want further customization? Consider adding a printed personalization.


Screenprinting + Vinyl Design

Personalizing something goes far beyond a monogram. Let’s work together to turn your ideas into a print on cloth. 

I can design a print for you with your favourite animal, like my dinosaur or dog designs, or add a fun saying to an existing item like on my eggpron. Maybe your quilt is missing a fabric and you just can’t find what you’re envisioning? I can help with that too! 

Contact me with your ideas and let’s get customizing! 


Printed personalization starts at:

Investment: Starting at just $25

Average timeframe: 2 weeks. 

You’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind item to show off your personality. Consider personalizing it even further by adding custom dyeing too!


Traditional and Keepsake Quilts

Cloth can hold so much memory woven in its fibres, many of us hold onto it long after it has served its intended purpose. Rather than allowing the sentimental cloth to waste away in a drawer or bin, reach out to me about breathing new life into it. 

Let me alleviate your stress by giving your cherished items a renewed purpose. 

Want to start fresh with all new fabric and build a item to be loved and cherished? Let me help bring your vision to life. I have an eye for colour and love adding unique details to the back of the quilt so each quilt holds two views: one for the world to see and one just for you.  there's the side for the world to see and the side that is just for you. 


Investment: Starting at $350

Average timeframe: 2-4 months 

In the end, your sentimental items can live a new life as an item of comfort and/or remembrance. 


What I need from you: 

  • Size (crib, throw, queen, king, etc.) 

  • Budget 

  • Colours 

  • Photos of items to be included (like your grandpa's old shirts or a child’s baby clothes) 

  • Any inspiration photos you have 


Digital Design

Are you looking for that perfect party invite or wanting an art print of your sweet pet? Maybe you haven’t yet found wedding invitations that suit your style. I can help you with all that and more. 


My digital work is designed like my traditional: with a pen and paper -  but digital! This means that I can make whatever changes and personalization you need to get your designs just so. 


Touch base with me to tell me more about your project and let me help bring it to life. Want to go beyond digital? I can coordinate with print shops or bring your design into a new space by making it into a print, sticker, stationary suite and more. Let’s explore options together. 


Investment: $50 and up 

Average timeframe: 3 weeks