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Welcome to The Marigold Fold

I'm glad you're here!

Let me introduce myself - I'm Morgan, the creative force behind The Marigold Fold.

I find my joy in the reinvention of fibre through dyeing, printing, sewing and more. I love upcycling and repurposing whenever possible and am honoured whenever you choose me to re-invent your special keepsake items.

Fibre is something that we take for granted because it is such an integral part of out lives.. It lives in the background, quietly supporting countless aspects of our day.

Fibre is,,,

  • The paper we pour out our soul onto and keep track of our lives in

  • The clothes that showcase our personality and accompany us every step in our days

  • The blankets we use for warmth and comfort

Fibre gives us the ability to show love, compassion and individuality.

We show love when we wrap a baby in a blanket made especially for them.

We show compassion through a handwritten letter or by extending the lives of the garments of a loved one into a new item to cherish.

We show individuality through how we adorn ourselves and our surroundings.

I started The Marigold Fold to give myself an outlet to express emotions through cloth. As a way to share my love for all types of creative passions with others. The Marigold Fold isn't just a shop, or a blog, or a website.. it‘a a person. It’s a platform to share my creative lifestyle.

My favourite part of working with clients is to help them realize their vision and push my creative limits. I'm always up for a challenge, and know many other creators and artists if I'm not the right fit for the job. Reach out today through my contact form to get started!

#dyeing #printing #sewing #upcycle #repurpose #compassion #individuality #love #handmadebusiness

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