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October Spread ✨Grimoire✨

Updated: Jan 2

I absolutely love October.

As much as I shudder at the thought of snow on the horizon, the changing leaves and coming of the harvest bring me joy in the meantime. Plus, the onset of fall market season is keeping me plenty busy! Stay tuned on my instagram for where I'll be showing this year.


I'm celebrating October this year with a nod to a witch's book, the grimoire. I use my bullet journal in many of the same ways; holding recipes, photos, magic, thoughts and more.

This summer I spent my evenings outside, using the cool air of the summer evenings to wind down from my day. While sitting in the dark, I met a new summer friend, happily pollinating my flowers.. a beautiful hummingbird moth! It felt magical watching him fly around and I quickly purchased a beautiful pair of earrings from a fellow Canadian artist to honour those evenings.

Find Maiden Perras on Instagram and pick up something special for yourself.


It was the natural path for me to create my own moth art for this month in my bullet journal! I have two sunset photos from earlier this year that inspired my colour palette, and got on with it!

Check out my Pinterest for all my inspiration each month under "bujo monthlies" here!


For my journal, I sketched out my moth in pencil first then coloured it in with various Artists Loft dual ended brush markers.

I was aiming for the wreath around the moth being a separation of colour and black and white but it got lost in this illustration. I'm working on a digital version that will be sale at my next market that shows the idea come full circle so stay tuned!

Layering handmade paper under printed scrip imagery gave the vintage collaged look I wanted and just a hint of gold sparked a bit of magic on the page. I topped off my illustration with this beautiful quote by Angie Weiland-Crosby:

"I slip into a moody forest
to dance with the enchanted winds
for a spell."

This may be my favourite monthly to date and is definitely challenging me to be inspired my the grimoire in my bullet journal in future months.

Happy spooky season everyone,

Morgan, The Marigold Fold


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