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My name is
and I’m a textile artist.

I have my BFA majoring in fibre and minoring in print, as well as my fashion design and marketing diploma. I was always encouraged toward my artistic inclination and continue to enroll in continuing education classes from the Bernina Creative Centre to RDC and CASA.

I love combining pattern and colour in a way that is surprising and beautiful.

Three Things About Me:

  1. I have a passion for upcycling, reimagining and breathing new life into memorable items. I love using second-hand materials and will always take on an opportunity to dye with natural dyestuff. I would be honoured to bring your ideas to life. 

  2. I am a scrap fiend. I keep all scraps from any projects I’m working on bigger than 1” square. This not only allows me to be low waste but gives me plenty of options to make colourful quilts and appliqués. 

  3. I love making baby quilts. It feels so special to be creating a child’s favourite blanket and a sense of comfort for someone.

Let’s Create Something Beautiful

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